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Telepath provides map/reduce code for processing Wikipedia Pagecounts. These contain usage data for all Wikipedia pages in all languages on an hourly basis. Derived from the bakemono toolkit, this project can process this 3TB data set with ease.

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Release Notes: The system can now generate reports for both usage-based (:SubjectiveEye3D) and link-based (Ath's PageRank) importance. The SelfAwareTool has been migrated to the infovore project so it can be reused there.

Release Notes: This release contains a new report generation system configuration to generate a 'typeReport' that shows the allocation of importance between DBpedia types and the most popular instances of dbpedia types.

  •  07 Feb 2014 20:01

    Release Notes: This release adds a number of utilities to complete the process of computing :SubjectiveEye3D, a subjective importance score based on Wikipedia usage data.

    •  09 Jan 2014 22:33

      Release Notes: This initial release is capable of creating an initial monthly summary of the data.


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